Purchase Agreements


All kittens will be sold after 12 weeks of age. They will have their shots and deworming, flea medication, international microchip and complete health records.

Buyers will have to submit a deposit and be subject to approval (submission forms will be provided). They will have to sign a release stating that if for any reason they are unable to keep the cat, we will have first option to purchase the cat back for the sale amount.

The kittens will be neutered before leaving the cattery, and they will have had time to heal before travel time.

If kittens are purchased for breeding purposes, the price will adjust accordingly.

Transportation will have to be discussed prior to possession of the kitty. Preferably, the prospective buyer can take the kitten home in person. Alternate transportation can be provided at an additional cost.

We are striving to provide a quality pet for families that will treasure them as much as we do.